I know a lot of people don't like her, but I actually feel the same way about Kim. She's got measurements similar to mine and I can't think of many other women who are considered "sex objects" with a big jiggly butt like ours. (No, Jennifer Lopez doesn't count, her butt isn't that big and she's super fit.) » 12/17/14 8:58pm Yesterday 8:58pm

I have faith that she's young and she doesn't realize a lot of the stuff that's wrong with the world, yet. I remember being 17 and thinking "feminists hate men, lol" because I was young and dumb and didn't realize that having my ass slapped by boys in high school was not okay. » 12/15/14 10:22am Monday 10:22am

Whenever my white friends told me about how they smoked pot all the time, all I could think of is what my dad told me:
Don't do drugs. Don't break any laws. Don't do anything that the police can arrest you for, because they will have no mercy on you.

White kids don't feel this way. They blatantly would smoke pot in… » 12/04/14 3:33pm 12/04/14 3:33pm