Really, why lie about this shit? I wasn’t a shy teen. I wore a leopard print cowboy hat and photobombed all of the club pictures in my senior high school yearbook. I dyed my black hair blonde and wore a goth dress to the prom. Why lie about being outspoken? Because being shy is “in”? Fuck that! » 4/23/15 1:05pm Thursday 1:05pm

I was told I should shave my legs since the 3rd grade. I begged my mom to let me but she wouldn’t until I was in the 6th grade (using Nair). I got holla’d at by grown men starting around 12. I was called “fat” and made fun of by other kids as young as 8, but looking back at my pictures, I was perfectly normal. I think… » 4/22/15 12:36pm Wednesday 12:36pm

This might have been cool had they included independent artists. Artists who use their own money or KickStarter campaigns to fund recordings that are often stolen, and thus would have the most to gain from something like Tidal. » 4/22/15 12:02pm Wednesday 12:02pm